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Any real estate agent can put a sign up on the front lawn, put a lockbox on your door, enter your house in the MLS, post it on the Internet, and then sit back waiting for it to sell. Is that going to get you the most visitors? Is that really going to get you the best price for your property? I dont think so!

It takes a special real estate professional to get the job done in today's competitive market. The goals for my clients are always " Highest price in the shortest time with minimal effort and anxiety". So my approach is different! Once I meet with you, view your property, and determine your needs, I'll prepare a customized Competitive Market Anlaysis to pinpoint your property's value. Based on your home condition and updates, I will also offer as needed, "as is" pricing; "minimal improvements" pricing and "major improvement" pricing with corresponding costs. I will then customize a "Marketing Plan", detailing exactly what I will do to market your property effectively. With my years of successful real estate marketing, I have learned that the 3 keys to a successful sale is preparation, presentation and pricing. Your house will be presented not only to thousands of local real estate agents and the buyers they represent, but also on thousands of websites all over the world - to attract the right buyer.

I also understand that negotiation skills are critical to a successful transaction for you. I'll use those skills to help you make the best decision about the offer you accept or the counter-offer you make. More importantly, I'll be with you all the way through to settlement, ensuring as smooth a transition for you as possible.

When you are ready to take the first step toward getting your property sold, just call or email me and let's get started! This could be the best move of your life!

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Cary Fichtner-Vu - homes for sale in Burke VA

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Market Trend Reports

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